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“My name is Denise Barbezani and I have lived in the UK since January, 2017. 

I believe people are resourceful beings who hold the key to any aspects of their lives. As a business and marketing leader, I believe in developing the best in people and in me. The application of coaching approaches allows the achievement of happier lives and better performances at work and in business. In turn, Toastmasters can help people find their voice. It is part of my strategy to develop my skills and help my clients achieve their goals"

Denise Barbezani


"Well, what can I say regarding myself? I joined Toastmasters summer of 2010. Like a rabbit in the headlights was petrified to go to the first club meeting whilst at the same time excited about facing my demons head on! I have never looked back.
From the very first evening session I knew Toastmasters was going to be the most exhilarating thing I have encountered for a long time. I have a long and varied career, many years being a self employed entrepreneur, I also worked tirelessly generating income for a charity for disabled people. During all of my working life, I have never struggled with face to face meetings/negotiations, but group situations were always clammy hands and dry throat.  

I have been a member for some years now and the one thing I can say above all else is the club environment is friendly and supportive, which means you can safely polish your communication skills and feel more confident in all areas of your life..... Find YOUR voice!!"


Carol Slade


"My name is Karen Bellerby and I joined TI just over 7 years ago by accident and a very happy accident it has turned out to be!

Not equipped with a crystal ball but in 12 months I hope Area 1 will be once again boasting 5 clubs and, personally, I hope to be sporting my ALS and maybe an ACS to go with it having decided to stay on the traditional route for the moment-the 2020 deadline has certainly focused my mind!

I just want to learn and view everyday as school day so I expect this year to gain far more knowledge than I could ever impart.

My vision is about firstly getting the area and its members comfortable with and fully embracing Pathways. It’s a great program and really fit for 21st Century purpose and not something to be scared about and I want to be a resource for the clubs to use to facilitate an easy pick-up and transition.  A 5th club is also very high on my agenda/wish list too.

I’m really looking forward to it all and as Donald Rumsfeld said, a the moment “I don’t know what I don’t know” but it’s going to be one hell of a journey!"

Karen Bellerby


“I’ve always had a fairly quiet disposition and thought public speaking was just for others blessed with an abundance of confidence.
I took my firsts steps with a Toastmaster’s club around 5 years ago. Having become a manager some years earlier, I had noticed how I skillfully dodged the things that put me in the spotlight and eventually accepted just how much this was holding me back.
I have since competed at public speaking from club up to divisional level. It’s one of the most positive steps I have taken in becoming the person I was always meant to be.”

Rob Byrne

"I used to reluctantly give presentations with a sense of dread, my stomach tightened, heart pounded and there were countless sleepless nights.
Now my confidence has grown, as have my speaking skills; one of the things I didn’t expect was that learning to speak confidently actually gave me more confidence to really be me.
My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. If I had realised that these skills could be learned, and how supportive the people in our clubs are I would have been enjoying life much sooner.  

Attached is a picture, a bit untidy bur professionally done as I forgot the photographer was turning up to the  networking event.

I've also attached a couple of website headers you might find useful, one of which I used for the Ipswich website (can't remember which one). I think I had to cut these down from the templates provided on the TI site as nothing offered then quite did it.  Make use of them if you wish"

Julie Kenny