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Developing communication and leadership

Membership of Chelmsford City Communicators

As a member, you have the opportunity to develop towards your goals at your own pace. Read here about some of the things you can expect as a member of Chelmsford City Communicators

Practice and feedback at each meeting

During each meeting we practise impromptu speaking, helping us to develop the skills we need when put on the spot - such as when you’re asked a question in an interview or meeting.

Members prepare speeches from the Pathways education program. Up to three prepared speeches are delivered at each meeting and how often you speak will depend on your own personal goals and the pace you set for yourself. 


Each prepared speech will have set criteria that your evaluator is to look out for. As you develop you will also evaluate speeches other members give, the education program and your club will support you in becoming an experienced evaluator. Evaluation helps you develop skills in critical thinking and motivating others.


The Pathways educational program

Pathways is the Toastmasters International education program. You can choose from one of eleven paths, each of which has 5 levels. Over time you may decide to do multiple paths, each of which will help you focus on different goals. 

Most members begin with one path though and move to additional ones as they progress.


Your first three speeches 

Whatever path you take you'll start with the same first three speech projects.  How soon and how frequently you speak will be up to you and availability on the schedule, however, members don't deliver more than one prepared speech in any one meeting.

The first is your ice-breaker. This is a short 6-minute speech to introduce yourself.  You will experience speaking in the club and receiving feedback. There are many ways you can approach this, you could tell us a little about your life, or speak about something that you have a deep interest in. 


Dale Carnegie once said, “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practised, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”

The second and third speech you give are designed with this in mind.   


You’ll give your second speech on any subject that interests you, or that you wish to work on. After receiving feedback from your evaluator the VP Education will help you schedule your third speech, giving you a chance to deliver that ‘one you wish you gave’. Depending on your feedback you’ll be able to decide whether to redo your second speech or create a new one. 


As you move through your path you'll continue to apply the feedback you receive from your evaluators. Projects will be determined by the path you choose and include options for developing the specific skills you desire and to meet your personal goals. 



As a new member, you'll be offered a club mentor. This is someone who can help guide you in how to make the most of your membership and support you in achieving your goals.